The Inspired

In each installment of this series, we ask a photographer we love to produce a visual story in collaboration with an artist who inspires us. The artist gets to play the role of the subject behind the lens, and the collaboration manifests in response to something (a story, quote, paragraph, visual) in our body of work that moves our subject to create, elaborate, design, engage.

kristinadittmar-10 (1).jpg

Aisha Evelyna & Isa Benn x Kristina Dittmar

Inspired by THIS BODY, MY BODY

“I firmly believe self-actualization is a life-long journey with its bumps along the road, and I do not stand here writing at the top of the mountain I have just climbed, looking down. I am very much still in the thick of things, striving to figure out what it means to live as a woman in our times, as a person of colour in our times, all the while trying to navigate both identities and the many facets of their intersections.”

jessica d’angelo x Angela lewis

"I wanted to build a piece that would interact with the environment, and that I could also interact with. The fabric became an extension of the wind, the light, and the inner-workings of myself."

mary young x emily battaglini

“Maybe the only way through grief is acceptance. Not by forgetting or waiting for time to heal all wounds, but rather the complete opposite: staying in the feeling for as long as you need to.”