Jessica D'angelo x With/out Pretend

In each installment of this series, we ask an artist who inspires us to respond to something in our body of work that moves them to create, elaborate, design, engage. We've long admired Jessica D'Angelo's approach to interactive, installation-based work and invited her to collaborate. In her own words: "I wanted to build a piece that would interact with the environment, and that I could also interact with. The fabric became an extension of the wind, the light, and the inner-workings of myself."  Jessica chose quotes from Happy If You Know It that especially spoke to her as a way to ground the shoot in the feelings and ideas that first inspired her concept. We chose to shoot at the beach: a vast, unencumbered landscape particularly inspiring to both Jessica and photographer Angela Lewis. We were rewarded by a perfectly moody and grey summer's day.

Installation & concept by Jessica D'Angelo. Photography by Angela Lewis. Design elements by Hannah Browne. Produced by With/out Pretend. Quotes, in order, credited to: Anaïs Nin, Erin Klassen, Jill Andrew.