Photos by Melissa Chai

Portraits is a collection of stories and illustrations showcasing the complicated nature of unresolved feelings.

The stories are grounded in the real experiences and feelings of women who agreed to speak to author Erin Klassen about the figures of their romantic pasts. 

Portraits was created through a back-and-forth collaboration between the author and artists, allowing the final product to evolve organically, without a predetermined conclusion. The result is a collection that explores the selective nature of memory; the remembering, re-imagining and reclaiming of personal narratives through revealing the sometimes uncomfortable and unflattering —but honest—ways we feel.

From desire to despair these vignettes reveal a slice of the female unconscious, shining a light into the dark corners of our hidden selves.

PORTRAITS is currently available as pdf download. We are in the midst of working on a new release, somewhat of a reincarnation of the first edition. 




Erin Klassen is a writer and collaborator based in Toronto, Canada. Portraits is her debut collection of short stories, but she also released a perzine in 2015 called Things I Do When I Feel Blue.

Portraits features visual art by Melanie Lambrick, Erin McPhee, Kathryn Bondy, Anna Denise Floor and Alex Begin.