Happy If You Know It (2017)

How do we know if we’re in the right place, or if we’re making the right decisions? We’re told to listen to our “intuition” like it’s the foremost expert on what will make us happiest — but what if our intuition isn’t loud enough? What if it leads us astray? What does it mean to trust our “gut?”

Don’t confuse Happy If You Know It with a traditional self-help book. This anthology relies on personal experience and exploration rather than facts, figures, or Instagrammable affirmations. This book is not a guide. There are no actionable steps, no checklists. Instead, this book features personal, revelatory contributions from 15 different women including artist Ness Lee, painter and filmmaker Margaux Williamson, celebrated writer/musician Vivek Shraya and Rogers Writers’ Trust 2017 Fiction Prize shortlister Carleigh Baker.


Portraits (2017)

Portraits is a collection of stories and illustrations showcasing the complicated nature of unresolved feelings. Forged from interviews with 40 women, each story is based in truth.

The result is a collection that explores the selective nature of memory; the remembering, re-imagining and reclaiming of personal narratives through revealing the sometimes uncomfortable and unflattering —but honest—ways we feel. From desire to despair these vignettes reveal a slice of the female unconscious, shining a light into the dark corners of our hidden selves.

Originally published in 2016. Re-released in August 2017.

YouCareTooMuch-PhotoCredit-LaurieMcGregor_12 (1).jpg

You Care Too Much (2016)

You Care Too Much is a collection of poetry, fiction, confessional writing, art and photography by seventeen female contributors on “the question of self care.” 

Self-care™ has become a buzzword— listicles, Instagram, and GOOP remind us to take a break, treat ourselves—we deserve it. But it’s not enough to hear Gwyneth say that, so matter-of-factly, without it feeling like it’s just another thing we’re expected to make time for, another thing we should be doing well. What happens when a hot bath or pedicure aren’t enough? Where is the guide that will lead us to real healing, in the moments we need it most? 

These are the questions that inspired seventeen contributors to tackle the meaning of self care—and the very related theme of caring for others—in their own lives. The result is a dynamic and surprising collection about the great search for our best selves.


Things I Do When I Feel Blue (2015)

If you're the type of person who finds comedy in the sad, weird habits that make us human, we think you will like Things I Do When I Feel Blue. Buy it for your coffee table or for a good friend who likes eating peanut butter from the jar and watching Bill Murray clips on the internet. Things I Do When I Feel Blue started as an actual hand-written list of 16 things author Erin Klassen does, on a semi-regular basis, when she feels blue. Erin's words and Alex Begin's illustrations + layout work together to form this little book, which is funny, sweet, and a bit less depressing than one might suspect.