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With/out Pretend places emphasis on working with women. This enthusiastically includes ALL women and non-binary folks. We’re currently accepting submissions and pitches for our new magazine The Vault. The Vault publishes long-form illustrated stories every month. We will also be publishing collaborative multi-issues, poetry collections, and a quarterly print magazine.

Current Opportunities

Monthly Stories
For publication in The Vault

We’re looking for intimate, untold stories from emerging and established writers. We accept fiction and non-fiction prose pieces between 2,000 - 4,000 words (and we'll consider poetry for specific issues only). We’re keen to see the stories that matter to you — the stories that you are ready to tell.

On Pleasure
A collaborative print issue of The Vault

We’re currently accepting prose (drafts and pitches) and poetry for our next quarterly issue of The Vault, On Pleasure. Deadline to submit: December 3, 2018.

Simone De Beauvoir says, “Pleasure in women is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.” The full extent of women’s pleasure often exists in the spaces that go unnoticed, in the sentences left unsaid. Do we dare speak our desires? Deserve gratification? Wish to be delighted? What keeps us from pleasure? How does our relationship to pleasure change throughout our lives?

Our editorial team is especially interested in prose pitches or drafts on the following topics, as long as the author takes a personal narrative approach: Pleasure vs. The Patriarchy, Pleasure and Ageing, Sex work, (Re)discovering pleasure after sickness or sexual trauma, The Erotic as Weird, Does “YOLO” mean we should seek more pleasure, or choose our pleasure carefully?, Lack inspires Desire, Monogamy, Polyamorous relationships, Multiple sex partners, or anything in between, Seeking pleasure outside of sex

How to Submit


We accept full drafts or pitches, but sending at least a partial draft is the best way to get published. Please complete the form below.

Visual artists

Please send a short bio and samples of your work by completing the form below. If there are fields that don’t apply to you, indicate “n/a.”

Hearing back

We have a small editorial team, and unfortunately we don’t have time to respond to all incoming submissions. We appreciate the hard work and vulnerability it takes to submit work, and we see you! If we haven’t responded to your note within 3 months, please feel free to follow up with us.

Other important info

Many literary magazines will charge a submission fee to subsidize their administrative and editorial costs*. Our submission process is free, but we do ask that you support one of our projects before submitting work for our consideration. You can subscribe to The Vault for only $5 per month, and cancel anytime. You can also purchase an individual story for $6. We also have books!

*We pay the folks we work with.