Things I Do When I Feel Blue (2015)

Things I Do When I Feel Blue is a self-care zine that started as an actual hand-written list of 16 things author Erin Klassen does, on a semi-regular basis, when she feels like a pile of crap. She asked her friend Alex to draw some pictures to make the list seem a bit funnier and sweeter and less depressing, and the result is this little book. The general reaction by friends and strangers who have read it has sounded something like "Ha! I do that too!" and "I love Buffy!"

Broken Pencil Magazine, Winter 2016, says: "Things I Do When I Feel Blue knows that healing comes from adhering to your own expectations and realities, and doing the best you can with the energy you've got." (Alison Lang)

If you're the type of person who finds comedy in the sad, weird habits that make us human, we think you will like Things I Do When I Feel Blue. Buy it for your coffee table or for a good friend who likes eating peanut butter from the jar and watching Bill Murray clips on the internet. 

Words by Erin Klassen and illustrations and layout by Alex Begin. Production design for the risograph edition by Hannah Browne.